28 Mar 2017

Presentation about Release 5

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Here is a presentation given by Oliver Pesch about COUNTER Release 5 that provides details about the new metric types and more: http://www.vivalib.org/usus/COUNTERR5Consultation20170323.pdf.
13 Apr 2015

Draft New COUNTER Book Reports for public comment

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Following an investigation carried out on behalf of COUNTER by Information Power Ltd it has been decided to provide three new COUNTER usage reports for books. Draft examples of these three new reports are provided below or linked from here and they will be available on the Usus website until Tuesday 30 June 2015 for
15 Dec 2014

ALCTS E-forum about Analytics for Electronic Resources

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ALCTS hosted an e-forum about Analytics for Electronic Resources on December 9-10, 2014.  An archive of the conversation can be found at http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/alcts-eforum, and a summary created by the organizers (Jennifer Bazeley, Interim Head, Technical Services, Miami University and George Stachokas, Special Assistant to the Dean for Project Management and Assistant Professor of Library Science,
16 Sep 2014

Elsevier’s Metrics Development Program: Call for proposal submission

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From: http://emdp.elsevier.com/:  “In order to answer the increasing need for innovative approaches to scientific indicators and metrics development, Elsevier is launching ‘The Metrics Development Program’. The program aims to advance research in this area by providing collaborative infrastructure and funding.”  “Individuals or research groups conducting primary research or developing software tools and algorithms aimed at