6 Jul 2017

Enhanced SUSHIStarters Code

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SUSHIStarters Client Version 2 Alpha (Compatible with COUNTER Release 4)

This an enhanced and updated version of the SUSHIStarters client originally provided by Jisc a number of years ago. The original version was compatible with COUNTER Release 3. This new version has been updated by Waheed ur Rahman at the Qatar National Library to work with COUNTER Release 4.

The SUSHIStarters client is a ‘beginners’, free, open source programme with a web-based user interface to support the downloading/retrieval of COUNTER-compliant SUSHI reports. The SUSHI client consists of a series of web-forms and guidance notes that ‘walk’ users through the steps and parameters needed to connect successfully to the SUSHI servers and download the reports of a number of major vendors. The client is configurable to make it possible to extend the range of included vendors over time. Installation and usage procedures for the client have been kept simple and documented to ensure its widest possible use.

The SUSHIStarters Client Version 2 Alpha code is available for download from GitHub at https://github.com/waheed13085/SUSHIStarterSUSHIStarters_2.0.0Alpha1_release.

  • Pallavi Gupta

    I am getting error :
    SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Forbidden in SSwebclientgetindex.php:169 Stack trace:#0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest(‘__call(‘GetReport’, Array)#2 SSwebclientgetindex.php(169): SoapClient->GetReport(Array)
    #3 {main} .
    please help me in resolving it.

    • Waheed

      It sees you are requesting for report of duration more than one year.

      • Pallavi Gupta

        No. I want recent usage statistics. but my software is showing above error