17 Jun 2014

Highlights of COUNTER 4

Posted in COUNTER | By usus_4_admin
Release 4 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources includes many new reports and changes.  Here are a few highlights:
-A requirement that Journal DOI and Book DOI be included in the usage reports.
-A requirement that usage of Gold Open Access full-text articles within journals be reported separately in a new report.
-An expanded Journal Report 2, which now includes ‘access denied: content item not licenced’, in addition to the ‘Turnaways’ (access denied: simultaneous/concurrent user licence limit exceeded) covered in earlier Releases.
-A modified Journal Report 5 that covers usage by Year of Publication, allowing customers to calculate usage of archival packages, now a required, on-demand report.
-A new requirement to report Record Views and Result Clicks for databases.
-A new requirement to define Section types in Book Report 2.
-A new report, Multimedia Report 1, which covers the usage of non-textual multimedia resources, such as audio, video and images, by reporting the number of successful requests for multimedia full content units.
-A set of new optional reports that enable usage of content on mobile devices to be reported separately.

For more information, please visit the Code of Practice page of the COUNTER website at: http://www.projectcounter.org/code_practice.html