Usage report issues

Issue Report: While collecting data I’ve encountered a number of BR2 and BR3 XML reports from Springer that don’t validate against the SUSHI schema. The problem is that an Exception element reporting “No Usage Available for Requested Dates” is included at the end of the ReportResponse block, after Requestor, CustomerReference and ReportDefinition elements, when it should precede these other 3 elements.

Usus Response: Springer was contacted and they were able to fix the problem.

Issue Report: I want to gather COUNTER R4 stats from ProQuest using my (standard) SUSHI client, however I can’t! ProQuest is using WS-Security mechanisms to allow for username/password authentication, which is expressly forbidden in the SUSHI standard (, page 33): “To ensure interoperability of clients and servers, do not use WS-Security extensions or similar mechanisms to introduce username/password authentication to the SOAP or HTTP level”.

Usus Response: ProQuest was alerted to this problem and has resolved it.