4 May 2017

Draft 2 of the Code of Practice Release 5

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Draft 2 of the Code of Practice Release 5 is now available for review and comment: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cgpiMtDcvsm-P_qU2c1xD6JkNyLK5S-O7bPc-Wh8JCs. Feedback should be to Lorraine Estelle, Director of COUNTER, at lorraine.estelle@counterusage.org.
28 Mar 2017

Presentation about Release 5

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Here is a presentation given by Oliver Pesch about COUNTER Release 5 that provides details about the new metric types and more: http://www.vivalib.org/usus/COUNTERR5Consultation20170323.pdf.
30 Jan 2017

COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice is Live

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The COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice is now available for the consultation period. Release 5 will become the current Code of Practice with the requirement for COUNTER-compliance effective January 2019. The draft code is at: COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice The structured survey is at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NZK5H5Y COUNTER also welcomes unstructured feedback
9 Jan 2017

COUNTER releases the Report Validation Tool

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Libraries use COUNTER reports to inform collection building and decision making. They demand that publishers and vendors comply with the COUNTER Code of Practice. Compliance includes the implementation of Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) protocol, which enables libraries to download quality-checked data from many publishers, removing the need to visit numerous web sites. COUNTER
9 Aug 2016

JUSP Ebook Discussion Forum Report

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Jisc and the JUSP team recently coordinated a representative group of publishers and librarians to discuss the perils of ebook usage statistics during a meeting in London on 7th July 2016. A report describing the meeting and outlining next steps is available via the JUSP website: http://jusp.mimas.ac.uk/news/JUSP-ebook-discussion-forum-report-20160714.pdf.
7 Mar 2016

COUNTER Provider Discovery Reports Now Available

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COUNTER has released a new series of Provider Discovery reports that parallel existing COUNTER reports on journals, books, databases, and multimedia collections. Rather than report on usage for all content by one customer, the Provider Discovery reports provide usage of one provider’s content for all customers, with columns showing usage by individual customer. More information
2 Feb 2016

New COUNTER Book Report BR7

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Following consultation undertaken with vendors, publishers and librarians, COUNTER has created a new optional report, BR7 for recording the usage of e-books. The purpose of this report This new report will reconcile BR1 and BR2, allowing for comparable usage of e-books regardless of the hosting site and unit of delivery by providing a count, by
30 Oct 2015

COUNTER Library Online Survey

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Counter received responses from libraries across 30 countries to its online survey. A summary of the feedback can be found at: http://www.projectcounter.org/documents/COUNTER_Survey_Library_Results.pdf